Free Sprinkler Designs

Durk’s provides a free sprinkling system design service.
To receive this service, you will need to complete the following steps:

1. Draw your yard on graph paper.
Put your yard on a piece of graph paper drawn to scale. (For example, 1 square = 1 foot) Be sure to show sidewalks, parkstrips, flowerbeds, and other relevant information. We have free preprinted 11 x 17 forms of graph paper for your use at each of our locations. Or, you can download two 8 ½ x 11 pieces of graph paper that you can tape or glue together. (Note: When printing, be sure to to select “none” under page scaling in Adobe instead of “Fit to Printable Area”).

2. Bring us your drawing.
Bring the drawing of your yard to one of our Durk’s Plumbing Supply locations. At the time you drop off your drawing, we will collect additional information from you to ensure we design a sprinkling system that meets your expectations.

3. Give us a few days to complete the design.
Leave your drawing with us for a few days so we can complete the design process. We’ll let you know once it’s ready for you to review.

4. Pick up the design.
Come to the Durk’s Plumbing Supply location where you left the design and we will take the time to explain the design and provide you with a parts estimate.